International Student Demographics


Australian Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) is a well established business that has been open since 2015.

AIBT invites international students to come and study  in Australia. As advised in the student visa requirements, we welcome a wide variety of individuals from across the globe.

At AIBT we have a great team that makes all of our international students feel comfortable in an environment that they may not be used to.

For all individuals who want to study in Australia, we will do our best to provide you with the best support. All the staff and students are considered one big family because we take pride in what we are about and welcome all on board. The classrooms are taken care of with all the necessary equipment to enable comfortable learning. Our trainers have many years of experience which allows them to pass on the professional standard required for our students to get a job within Australia and live comfortably.

We communicate through social media apps, websites, emails, telephone and in person. We have multiple staff who can respond to different queries, for example many of them are mulit-lingual so if you have limited English we can discuss your study opportunities with you in your known language. If you do not have an IELTS score and have not done an English course we can provide this  option to you before you enrol to study for a certificate or diploma so you can learn other courses for your visa requirements.

We have a specific teacher who helps our international students learn English fast and efficiently. At AIBT our staff understand it is not always easy to speak in English so we are always prepared to give you the necessary help to achieve this.

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