Dongguan Technician College Training in Dongguan, China

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AIBTGlobal has partnered with Dongguan Technician College (DGTC) (东莞技师学院) to enhance the skills of DGTC’s trainers.

Located in the Guangdong province in China, DGTC has over 11,300 students, with 650 staff. Since September 2013, the college has partnered with various international schools and education providers from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Taiwan and Australia. These partnerships have provided students with valuable access to overseas educational models from within China.

DGTC currently has around 84 classes developed through international partnerships, which are spread across 24 qualifications with over 2,200 students enrolled.

On a recent trip to Dongguan, AIBTGlobal business trainers from Branson Business School trained DGTC trainers to deliver a marketing unit. The training was focused around fashion design and merchandising, featuring fashion industry case studies.

AIBTGlobal trainers will visit DGTC again after this first successful trip, with the next scheduled for around January 2020.

We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to visiting Dongguan again next year.

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